Current Culture
The mother values supporting family members in positive matters. She believes in helping others who helps themselves. Her culture includes love, trust, patience, and respectfulness.

The daughter current culture includes lack of income for her main goal objective of owning her beauty salon.
Her culture also icludes the above attributes as the mother. However, her culture of lack is what cause the situation to occur. The rise in th economy shifted her awareness of providing for her children in a more substantial fashion.

Changed Culture
The culture change reference only the daughter. She changed her on cultural by complementing of her managers liscense of cosmetology schooling. She is certified to own and operate her own beauty salon in the near furture. Which would enhance potential changes cuturally, clients, diversity, empowering others, and creating a cultural in the realm of her business. Her current cultral  changes included her working full time in a beauty salon to gain substantial income to provide financially for her household. This allows her save for the opening of the beauty salon. She is in the prepartion stages of planning and designing the business, and seeking developmental locations.
In my conclusion of this case story, I realized that adapting to challenges  is difficult, painful and fearful. Although, I learned that people aren't really afraid so much of the change it's the loss that people are afraid of. learning to adapt to the losses will help the processes of change.