Reflections are moments in time were a still small voice speaks in the present about moments or events that happened in the past. As I reflect I'll  leave you with this poem  the mother wrote years ago that played a very intricate part in her decesion of becoming a in-home childcare provider for her grandchildren.

Save Our Children
What happen to the laughter that laid within the young?
What happen to love, joy and playful fun?
What happen to the innocence and a chance at life?
It left with morals, values, dignity and strife.
It's time to Save Our Children!
Who's responsible for our children today!
It's you, it's me , and the grace of God; come let us pray.
Within every child lies a chance and a dream,
it saddens my heart when the chance is left unseen.
It's time to Save Our Children!
Tears are flowing and hearts are aching.
It's time to take a stand and fight as a nation.
Deserving of life and not be cheated. A chance to grow and blossom and feel that they are needed.
It's time to Save Our Children!
It's time to save Our Children