Hello, my name is Karen. I’m currently enrolled at Wright State University studying to obtain my bachelor degree in organizational leadership. I designed this page for a project in my 301 course, adaptive leadership. According to the textbook,” adaptive leadership is the practice of mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and thrive” (Heifetz,R. Grashow.A  Linsky,M).

I encourage you to explore my site and record your  comments on the blog page as I observe, participate, and learn about the objectives:

  • Defining adaptive leadership
  • Differences between technical and adaptive challenges
  • Differences between persons in authority and adaptive leaders
  • Define organizational culture

I plan to be an effective leader in the near future by applying the principles I learned from the course; to enhance my overall experiences that requires adapting in leadership. Keeping a continuous vision to help others understand the need for change, on a personal and professional level.  I plan to practice in leadership opportunities as they occur. I will get more involved in taking the necessary risks to gain the experience to succeed in the challenges of leadership.

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