The Challenge

Heifetz,R.; Grashow.A; and  Linsky, M describe technical problems as complex and critically important they have known solutions that can be implemented by current expertise. However, adapting challenges can only be addressed through changes in people's priorities, beliefs, habits, and loyalties.
This is a case story were a daughter asks her mother to babysit her three children to further her education in cosmetology school. She wants to obtain her managers license as a prerequisite to owning her own beauty salon.

The case story will illustrate and show various examples of the challenges of change.

The challenge is the mother would have to resign from her place of employment of five years as an office assistant in order to meet the request of the daughter.  The list of  challenges for the grandmother include the following:

  • Fear of telling her grandchildren no
  • Fear of leaving work
  • Fear of pay decrease
  • Fear of losing school tuition reimbursements
  • Fear of the startup procedures of the daycare