The iceberg is melting (Kotter.J and Rathgeber.H), a great book about a penguin colony in Antarctica. The penguins’ shelter was formed around the iceberg that had stood for many years. One of the character penguins Fred discovers a problem with the iceberg. He feared the danger of it melting. Fred somewhat isolating from others and felt like whom he could tell no one takes him seriously. Fred formed allies’ with one of the council leaders named Alice. She influences the others to consider the possibilities that the iceberg may be melting soon.

The leaders of the colony had to create ideas to figure a solution to the problem. Suddenly, a great idea came about in the sky as a seagull was flying by. Fred thought they could fix the problem by moving their home to another iceberg location. They started to prepare for the move by sending out the team of scouts, they had to come to a decision of the team members. The scouts went before the whole colony to scope out an area that would be safe and had an area that had plenty opportunities for fishing. These trips were long and exhausting.

  The colony previous had a ritual of each family providing food for their children in the colony and shared with no one. However, this changed due to the children of the colony wanted to form a team to help out. Buddy was in charge of this team; he created by asking his parents to allow him to work catching food for the scouts upon their return. Buddy and other young penguins providing all the food the scouts needed when they returned from their journey.

 This was a challenging change; in the end of the story the penguins succeeded their move. This fable illustrates what I learned my class, changing is difficult not so much of the changes but the losses during the processes of change causes the difficulties. The story illustrates how no one leader can do a job alone, but a group of members joined can get the job done by incorporating thier ideas, skills, expertise and taking risks.


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