During class I observed other classmates sharing about their opinions per assignments, lectures, readings, class exercises, and the professor style. The thoughts were reference to the traditional way of following a syllabus, lectures, and assignments in contrast to the nontraditional way which is demonstrated in my class. I listen to various classmates share their thoughts and comments. In my opinion what I observed was an excellent example of adaptive leadership living in disequilibrium. The classmates shared about their feelings of frustrations, excitement and happiness of the nontraditional way of operating versus the traditional way of operating.  I noticed for some of the students they enjoyed the nontraditional way of actively not following a structured syllabus and for others they were excited about coming to class to participate in the village tribal games. I heard the statement of “I ‘am learning a lot”, practicing the nontraditional way. There was a comment made that the nontraditional way allows us as students to “think outside the box “and this maybe be out of the norm for some students. Lastly, there was the presence of silence from students and I was a member of this group. It really doesn’t matter which student participated in sharing their ideas or actively listening. There were plenty of energies swirling in the classroom. The key point I ‘m making is every student was involved in adaptive leadership during that discussion.  In any organization leaders are confronted with challenges. I learned that when practicing adaptive leadership, distinctive skills and insights are necessary to deal with a  mass of energies. I will apply distinctive skills and insights by managing myself in the environment and by helping others to tolerate the discomfort they’re experiencing. This will benefit me by allowing me to keep the temperature within the productive zone of disequilibrium (PZD), and not arrive at a point of explosion while living in the disequilibrium.                                                                                                                                                       


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    I think in order to be an effective leader, I need to help inspire others to achieving. 



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