The class completed it final game of Village, and the White team won the game. The last activities of the game were based on conflict resolutions. The game players consisted of four teams representing colors, blue, red, white, and green. Three categories of goals:  empires, well being, and civilization. These categories represented culture values. The teams occasionally received certain challenges, and occasionally had to choose to go to war or not. To win the game the first team that reaches their objective won by accumulating resource cards that follow their original plan.

The groups started off with 4 different teams against each other to succeed in winning. In the final event of the game the 4 groups merged into 2 different groups the blue and green, and white and red had merged together. During the merging the teams were starting too dissociated with each other as group members. Some members what to changed the original plans, others had their own individual plan. One member wanted to go to war with any group, he didn’t care which one he just wanted to war for no apparent reason.  We learned in class were the Authors of our textbook (Heifetz, Grashow, and Linksy), The Practice of Adaptive leadership. “Leading from the balcony”, allows individuals to view themselves and others as they go to the top and see what really going on in the room.

In the discussion from the top, there were mass emotions in the room. Some students felt that they were totally ignored, isolated, and others didn’t care anymore because emotions was high and avoidance was illustrated in some members. I learned that avoidance style of conflict is sometime appropriate depending on the heat of the situation. I also learned that conflict is good; it requires tolerating a lot of hostility. “Orchestrating conflict is a discipline. It requires seeing the process as a necessary step in the journey toward a better future,”  Heifetz, Grashow, and Linksy.

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